8 Key Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

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by Dustin // April 14 // 0 Comments

Do you own a small business? Do you want to increase your revenue and grow your client base?

Most business owners start out hoping their idea and dream takes off, gaining them loyal customers who love their brand. Yet, if you’ve run a business, you know it’s seldom that easy. You need to spend time letting anyone know your company exists at all, and then you must convince them to purchase your products or services.

Many businesses accomplish this through digital marketing. But how do you go about making yourself stand out on the internet?

We explore digital marketing tips below. Keep reading for our 8 best pieces of advice on how to market your business!

1. Develop a Strategy

The internet constitutes one of the greatest tools professional marketers and small business owners possess today.

More than 4.66 billion people log onto the world wide web. This means most of the global population gets onto the internet to either look for services they need or visit their favorite websites.

This gives you a fantastic opportunity to expand your client base. By partaking in digital marketing, you’ll influence your online presence and gain more customers.

Yet, millions of businesses have online platforms, so you have a lot of competition. That’s why the first of our digital marketing tips is to develop your own digital marketing strategy.

To do this, gather some marketing professionals around you (either on your own staff or through a pre-existing digital marketing team) and discuss your objectives with them. They then can help you build a strategy that works for you and your business.

2. Use SEO

Don’t know where to start when it comes to attracting customers? Did you know that most people find the businesses they love through search engine inquiries?

People love how search engines such as Google put thousands of results right at their fingertips. However, they seldom venture past the first results page to find the business they want. As such, the farther down you appear in the results, the less likely you are to find new clients.

Search engines use algorithms to figure out in which order to rank results in response to different inquiries. They examine every piece of media published on the internet, trying to determine its relevance and reliability. It does this by matching words in the text to keywords in the inquiries (relevance) and seeing if the text links back to any other content (reliability).

Fortunately, you can use this information to help your text rank better. Marketers have developed a strategy known as search engine optimization (SEO), and anyone has the ability to learn and implement it. Research which keywords rank well in your field and place those in the text of your website. You should also link to both content on your website and from other sites.

3. Localize Your SEO

Algorithms list results according to their proximity to the person using their service. This is because many people use search engines to find services they need within their near vicinities, such as a doctor or a plumber.

So, a person in San Diego will receive different results when they Google “physician near me” than a person in New York would.

As such, you should invest time in trying to rank well in local results. Find out which keywords rank well on a local level and use them, and network with local businesses to build relationships and get links back to your website!

4. Take Advantage of Google Ads

Do you want your business to appear near the top of Google search results?

While using SEO improves your ranking, it’s always a game. After all, there’s always another company that can implement SEO better, placing you farther down the ranking.

Yet, you still have an exciting option. When you place Google Ads, Google will display your ad prominently on their results page whenever someone makes a search using your keywords.

This helps people find your website.

For these ads, you pay Google a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad.

5. Define Your Target Audience

Have you defined your target audience?

A target audience consists of the group of people most likely to buy your family. Many companies do an extensive amount of research to learn who these people are. Get as much information on them as possible. Are they young career women in their 20s? Male retiree golf lovers in the 60s-80s?

Knowing this information helps you determine how to market yourself.

6. Get on Social Media

Does your business have accounts on all of the major social media platforms?

Many potential customers spend time reviewing their social media feeds, and having business accounts gives you the ability to interact with them.

Social media accounts are free and easy to use. You can curate your content to match your brand’s voice and image, and you should schedule posts to keep your clients engaged without overwhelming their feeds.

7. Use Social Media Ads

Social media sites allow businesses to advertise on them.

They have built-in ad builders that allow you to customize your ad, using your own text and images. Then, you also have the opportunity to define your target audience and geographical location, to whom the site will show your ad.

8. Get Involved with E-mail Campaigns

Do you have an e-mail list?

Getting contact information from your clients (or anyone who visits your website) is important. When you have their e-mail addresses, you can start sending them e-mailed information about sales and company updates. This keeps clients and potential customers engaged and increases the likelihood they’ll make a purchase.

Liked These Digital Marketing Tips?

Did you like these digital marketing tips?

Digital marketing for small businesses might seem hard. Yet, the internet is a wonderful tool for business owners, and you need to know how to do it well. By following the advice above, you have the opportunity to grow your client base and increase your income and success.

If you’d like to hire an experienced digital marketing consultant to design and even implement a digital marketing strategy to move your business forward, book a consultation with me today!

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