Radically Different Marketing Solutions

Why do so many agencies put all of the risk on their clients?

Let's Turn the Existing Client Relationship On Its Head

You don't know anything about them, what they do, how they work, or what kind of results they can get for you and they expect you to pay thousands of dollars to find out.

Our stuff works and we believe in it. But sometimes, things just don't work out.

We just don't think it's fair to ask you to take on all of the risk up front to find out.

About Us

Our lives are immeasurably better because of coaches, courses and masterminds we've taken.

We believe in you and know that your success means more than just success for you.

Our Services

We focus on bringing you more enrollments into your highest value product. Whether that's a mastermind or 1-on-1 coaching.

We're not here to replace your existing advertising or sales system. We work alongside of

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Who Does This Work Best For?

This is for you if:

  1. You have more than a single product or service. Ideally at different price points.

  2. You have an existing advertising system that's working well for you.

  3. You have an existing

OurFocus Is:

Coaches, Consultants, Experts & Authors

Use the wisdom you've gathered to connect with your client.

You've got a great deal to share with the world and you know that every person you connect with can have a better life. You also know that getting in front of the right people, in the right way is more than half the battler.

Our offer is simple. We can help you sell your highest ticket product, by putting your offer in front of people that already know, like, and trust you.

What our Clients Say about Us


Erin Thomas

As a new coach and online course creator, I was trying to do my website and course site all myself with templates, instructional videos, and online courses. This was time-consuming and hard as I was spending too much time getting this to work with that instead of doing what I wanted. Which was connecting with new clients, coaching them, and producing my course content.

Dustin stepped in and quickly had my webinar workshop page and course sales page done! And with copywriting and design for my brand. He handled the tech integrations with my email service provider and helped me set up my cart and billing.

And essentially took my course launch from maybe in the spring to NOW this MONTH!


Raymond Styrk

Badger Mountain Digital has provided excellent service and knowledge in the utmost professional way and I would recommend to those who are in need of their service, I am opening several other businesses and Badger Mountain Digital plays an integral role in my success.


Cherie Renae Atiyeh

I had an in-depth conversation with Dustin about my business needs and plans. I was very impressed with the research he did - before we even talked! He had good ideas, and clearly understands the needs of a business. I highly recommend Badger Mountain Digital.


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